Canopies & Carports

If you want to extend your outdoor space for the summer, protect your patio and garden from harsh weather, or say goodbye to unloading your car in the rain or snow, then our carports and home canopies are the solution.


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Door Canopies

Our door canopies are available in a range of styles from subtle flat roof designs to more traditional triangular options, and can be tailored to any budget. They combine elegance, strength and durability offering a practical solution for keeping you dry when entering and leaving your home, whilst protecting your house from adverse weather conditions.

Transform your Home

Door canopies can be a superb solution to add value to any home by improving its appearance. Easy to install and maintain, a door canopy is a cost effective and simple way to transform and enhance the entrance to any home. We are able to produce a wide range of door canopy designs which suit any property, regardless of its age or style.


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Fresh Air

Despite offering less protection than a traditional garage, a Carport more than makes up for this with the ventilation it provides. With no walls it offers no obstruction to natural fresh air whilst still offering protection against sun, wind and rain.

Protect your Vehicle

Carports offer an easy way to protect your car from damage by the elements. Although many houses have garages, these are often too small to store more than one car, and so for households with multiple vehicles, a carport is an effective way to provide additional protection.

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